NATH Newsletter 11-01-2011

“Remote Depossession”

By Susan Schontag, M.Ht., Remote Depossession Practitioner and Trainer

Remote Depossession is the removal of attachments, whether they are dark, negative energies or earthbound spirits, remotely.  While in an altered state of consciousness, the viewer or operator remotely views the subject to see if anything inappropriate is present in either the physical or etheric fields.

First, let me go back to how all this started for me.  In May, 1996, I traveled to Virginia Beach from Northern Virginia to study and learn hypnotherapy from Dr. Allen Chips.  While attending classes at the A.R.E., a classmate suggested I buy Dr. William Baldwin’s book, “Spirit Releasement.”  My reply was thanks, but I do “past life regression.”

I completed the C.Ht. certification and headed home.  My first client, a girl friend, came to my home to do a “session.”  See announced when she arrived that she had three attachments.  I said thanks, but I do “past-life regression.”  She convinced me that we should go ahead with the session and I reluctantly did so.  At the end of the session, her Angels came forward and very politely informed me that I “had volunteered to do this work.”

Clearly, I had much to learn.  I bought Dr. Baldwin’s book and took several of his courses.  Then I heard about a class in Fredericksburg, Virginia taught by Dr. Irene Hickman.  I attended the class entitled “Remote Depossession” and received my initial certification.  That class led to a wonderful relationship with Dr. Hickman.

The following year, Dr. Hickman invited me to travel with her.  I met her in Chicago.  I immediately recognized that she was a no-nonsense person when I got into her car.  The real view mirror had fallen off the windshield, so she taped it to her dashboard.  We traveled to a Holiday Inn in Harvey, Illinois where the next day we began a two day class with 40 or so students.  I remember walking into the room with Dr. Hickman.  It felt like old home week.  On another level, I recognized all the students from another time.

When the class was completed we traveled to Chicago to the original home of Dr. Bladatsky and the Theosophical Society.  We stayed in this amazing home for three days with Dr. Hickman giving lectures in the evening.

We then traveled to Detroit for the IMDHA (International Medical Dental and Hypnotherapy Association) Conference.  Not only was Dr. Hickman a speaker at the conference but we spent many hours doing Remote Depossessions.

I resonated with Dr. Hickman and her methods immediately.  To me, she was what I call a “cut to the chase” person.  In Remote Depossession, her goal was to view/scan, identify and then call for help to clear and heal.  She referred to the “helpers” as her team.  She was not one to say I work with….. or.  No name dropping for Dr. Hickman.  We do know that her primary team consisted of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.  Dr. Hickman would say:  “There is no proof that any of this work, but it works.”

Dr. Hickman was a D.O. and attended medical school in the 1920s.  In order to help pay her tuition, she utilized her psychic ability (unheard of then) to do tarot card readings for the other students.  She told me she had to raise her rates to $.50 per reading because she was developing too many clients.

Dr. Hickman founded the Depossession Institute in Chicago which survived until her passing.  During the time I was a member, I was fortunate to become trained and certified by the Institute as a Remote Depossession Trainer.

Remote Depossession has been one of the tools in my arsenal for the last 14 years.  It has been incorporated into my hypnotherapy practice as well as my energy work.  It has been my goal to train as many practitioners as I can.  As we move from the third dimension to the fifth dimension, it is important that all of the “stuff” stuck in the fourth dimension be cleared and healed.

So what exactly is what is Remote Depossession?

Remote Depossession is the removal of attached entities, which have been found to produce a variety of problems including behavior, emotional and physical disturbances.  Techniques include locating, identifying and persuading entities to leave and go to a better place.  Entities may not be the total cause of all problems, but their presence appears to interfere with other types of therapy.

What does one do in the Remote Depossession Certification Class?

This is a powerful workshop for everyone, especially for healers.  You may have worked with clients and been less that 100% successful.  The reason may be an attachment.  Remote Depossession is Spirit Releasement or exorcism performed remotely.  In this class you will:

  • Learn remote viewing;
  • Learn whether or not there are attachments and how to remove them;
  • Learn to work as either a scanner or operator;
  • Learn to work alone;
  • Work with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael;
  • Earn certification as a Remote Depossession Practitioner.

Let me share two stories with you.  The first young lady came to me for a session in person.  She was in her early twenties.  She had been doing drugs and knew that if she continued, she would die.  Would I help?  When we began to work, I noticed that there was an earthbound spirit attached to her.  Through dialogue, we learned that the attachment was her father.  He had killed himself when she was very young.  She had watched out the window as he shot himself.  After a time and with much dialogue, the father went Home.  Hypnotherapy healing techniques were utilized for the client and we completed the session.  Weeks later she telephoned and told me how well she was doing with no thought of returning to the drugs.

A female in Arizona emailed me requesting help.  She had been struggling with addictions and she felt that she had attachments.  She was unemployed.  A remote depossession was performed by me, with the work being completed by Archangel Michael and the healing being done by Archangel Raphael Healing Angels.  I emailed the client with a full report of the work performed.  The next day I received an email from the client.  She stated that she awoke feeling different, did not find the triggers for the alcohol or drugs and was looking forward to a wonderful holiday.  I then received an email from her mother, stating that she was one of the “blessed recipients of this work” and a thank you for making a difference in all of their lives.  She had her daughter back.”

As you can tell from the above, this is very rewarding work.  So I will close with a “thank you” to Dr. Irene Hickman, a pioneer in her medical practice.  She realized early in her practice that more was needed for her patients and utilized hypnotherapy in addition to her normal practices.  Later she developed and taught Remote Deposession to many of us who now use it alone or as a adjunct to our other work.  I look forward to continuing Dr. Hickman’s work.

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