Seichim/Seichem Certification

Seichim is an ancient Egyptian Energy System and is a complete healing system. The energy is balanced and has a gentle loving feminine aspect. Mankind lost the balance of male and female eons ago. That balance must return within each individual and Seichim helps to do this quickly and with great ease. It is called Living Light Energy as it is neither static nor set but will change and develop as the mass consciousness of the world changes. It here to assist humanity to change their vibrational rate quickly and easily so that both mankind and the earth may ascend to their higher purpose. It is taught in four separate levels. There are no prerequisites although it may assist one to have           achieved the first two levels of Reiki. Seichim has the ability to penetrate into all areas including mind, body and spirit.

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Creating Heaven on Earth

We are just an intention away from creating Heaven on Earth. We are just an intention away from fulfilling whatever it is we desire.

  • What is Heaven on Earth?
  • How do we create our deepest desires?
  • How do we move away from our deepest fears?
  • How do we discover life’s purpose and path?
  • How do we bring Joy, Peace and Abundance into our lives?
  • How do we discover that we are not alone in this journey that
    we call life?

Remote Depossession Practitioner Certification

This is a powerful workshop for everyone but especially for healers. You may have worked with clients and been less than 100% successful. The reason may be an attachment(s), either earthbound or negative energies. Remote Depossession is Spirit Releasement© or exorcism performed remotely. In this workshop you will learn to remotely view another being, learn whether or not there are attachments and how to remove them. We will work directly with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael as well as other Ascended Masters. This is a powerful class from a divinely powerful teacher.

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