About Susan

Susan’s spiritual path has taken her in many directions of enlightenment. Through elevating her consciousness, she was guided to open up her vision as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (which combines mind, body and spirit) and Past-Life Regression Therapist. Her growth continued through the study of the Reiki, Seichem and Divine Light of Gold.

It is not only her knowledge and skills in these areas, it is her spiritual gifts of God Consciousness in perception and insight which assist her clients in healing the emotional and physical being as well as reaching their potential and spiritual consciousness. Her     goal is to rouse humanity to their spiritual Godliness within them. When working with Susan, she will take you not only into past-lives, this life, but the vastness that lies deep within you and your destiny. Present in each and every session are Angels, Guides and Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

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