When doing a session with a hypnotherapy client, I usually start the session with the client’s list of goals.  The intention is to complete the list before the session is complete.  Sometimes or should I say many times, there is an interference with the client in the form of an attachment.  Relieving the client of the attachment then allows the client not only to complete the session and achieve the goals but also to move on with their life.

So when I started the session, I have a list of the goals and that is to be our journey.  But, not all is what it seems.  The attachment, be it dark/negative energies or a lost earthbound spirit, has been and is now interfering with the client.  So our session, which started off to be hypnotherapy, is now combined with spirit releasement.  Once relieved of the attachment, the session proceeds and the client’s goals are achieved.

That’s one scenario where a session may have some surprises.  I have run into something new with my depossession work that I would like to share.  A request was received to do a remote depossession session.  After it was completed, I reported via email to the client.  Several weeks later the client contacted me again requesting another session but asking that the session be done face-to-face via Skype.  We met on the internet at the agreed date and time.  I went through my normal procedure to scan/view anything that was with the client that was inappropriate.  The clearing by Archangel Michael was completed and then a healing by the Healing Angels of Archangel Raphael was done.

The client then reported to me that something wasn’t right.  There was still something with her.  Now we get into “not all is what it seems.”  At that point, my intuition suggested that this was not an attachment but a past-life issue.  I proceeded to do a hypnotherapy induction.  The client went directly to the issue that was from her past-life.  Voilá, the client now reported that all was well and that she felt totally clear and free of any attachment or issue.

To me, the above says that we must be open and receptive to any and all ways to assist our clients.


This is a movie about a young girl who loses a keepsake medal from her father; and, seemingly, sets off a chain of unimaginable dark events that leave her and her mother in peril. G. RocThe Medalkett Phillips has written an awesome story about family, love and spirit possession. Susan Schontag utilizes her life’s work appearing as a consultant on the film.

Michael’s Book / Remote Depossession: A Way Home

We are here on Earth at this time to experience and remember our life’s plan and purpose. Unfortunately, there may be interference to this objective.

The expression “we are not alone” does not always mean those around us are benevolent. There are unseen beings around us. Some are of the highest vibration and some are not. Our job is to recognize that there is something in our way and figure out how to remove it. So the question arises, “What is Remote Depossession and who needs it?” Remote Depossession is the removal of negative attached entities or energies. These attached energies can be evil or they can be earth bound spirits. Earth bound spirits are those souls who died and did not go to the “light” or Home. Attached entities/energies have been found to produce a variety of problems. They may include behavior, emotional or physical disturbances and their presence appears to interfere with other types of therapy and impede healing.

The intent of this book is to prompt you to ascertain your soul’s roots, purpose and path and to help you recognize interference when it is present. It is also the intent of this book to share with you, your “off planet” advisers and assistants, especially Archangel Michael.



What’s the expression, “About the time you figure things out, along comes God.”  Well that is exactly what happened to me.

I received a telephone call for a remote depossession for a man’s son.  I was told that the “client” was very ill, had a great deal of pain and had turned away from the family’s faith as a young man and that he was very angry.  The request was that he be cleared of the dark energies and a healing be done.  At this point in time, it seemed like a standard request.

I set up a time to work, called in Archangel Michael and the clearing of all of the dark energies was accomplished.  Then I called in the Healing Angels of Archangel Raphael to do a healing on the client.  As my practice has shifted to include more healing, I called in my Healing Team and set intentions for this man.  One of my intentions was that the client be restored all the way to his I AM presence.

I received a telephone call from the family letting me know that the work had helped.  He seemed lighter and happier and even his pain was alleviated to some extent.  Wonderful, we like to get this kind of feedback.

Several days later, the family called again.  It seems that the dark energies had returned and would we do additional work on the client.  Again, set the time, called in the Archangels to clear and heal and called in my Healing Team and set additional intents.  The next day I received a telephone call advising me that the client was much better and had asked his mother to pray with him.  The client announced at this time that he now wished to live.

Days later, the family called to let me know that the client had developed new health issues, was in a great deal of pain and now wished to transition.  Would I help?  The family felt the client’s transition was just days away.  Absolutely, but I had to meditate on how to assist the client.

First, I called in Archangel Michael to be sure the client was clear of any negative energies.  Then I asked the Healing Angels of Archangel Raphael to do a healing.  I asked Archangel Michael to send his Warrior Angels to surround and protect the client.  I called on my Healing Team and began to set my intentions for the client.  The first intention is that the client be restored to the Divine Being and that all family issues be resolved.  My intention is that the client would be surrounded with and remembered with unconditional love.  My intention was that any and all issues/karma that could be resolved prior to transition would be accomplished.  My intention was that he would transition with grace and ease.  I then began including the client when I meditated morning and night, reinforcing these intentions.  Three days later, I received an e-mail letting me know the client had transitioned peacefully.

So, our work is growing and expanding in unforeseen ways.  The key is being open to the changes and the possibilities, because as I keep on finding out, this too I (we) volunteered for.

Remote Healing Virginia Beach

Recently, I attended a conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  We were a group of Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (folks who combine mind, body and spirit in each session).

First and foremost, it was wonderful to reconnect with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.  Living in Arizona, I miss the water, especially the salt water.  I also enjoyed connecting and reconnecting with so many wonderful like minds.

There are two things I would like to share with you, one is funny and one is poignant.

First the funny.  One thought I had when I left Arizona for Virginia Beach was that no matter what the temperature, I was going to go for a swim in the ocean.  The day after I arrived was bright and sunny and fairly warm.  Okay Ocean, here I come.  I got ready and went to the beach.  I was only able to stick my feet in the water.  The water was so cold.  I attempted to get my body more into the water but 57° was just too much.  Oh well.  I will sit on the beach for a bit and watch for the Dolphins.  I lasted about 10 minutes.  The wind was blowing so hard that I was pelted with sand.  So much for the wind, surf and sand!  And, no Dolphins.

Now for the more serious occasion.  While at the conference, I was asked to assist a colleague who was experience some serious health issues.  I went to my room (oceanfront) and sat at a small table.  I placed a note pad on the table to take notes.  I then called in my “Healing Team” and my colleague’s “Healing Team.”  My eyes were closed.  I began to set intentions to assist in the healing and restoration process of my colleague.  I heard “open your eyes.”  When I opened my eyes, I looked out at the water.  There in front of my hotel was an entire pod of Dolphins that had come to assist my colleague.  I continued with the healing until it was time to close the session.  I looked up again and the Dolphins were gone.

Interesting how the Dolphins appeared at the perfect moment.  In my daily meditations, I say “my intent, just for today, is to be in the moment, be in the now and just be.”  The trip was wonderful, and I look forward to the next time.  I do hope the water is a little bit warmer.

Seichim/Seichem Certification

Seichim is an ancient Egyptian Energy System and is a complete healing system. The energy is balanced and has a gentle loving feminine aspect. Mankind lost the balance of male and female eons ago. That balance must return within each individual and Seichim helps to do this quickly and with great ease. It is called Living Light Energy as it is neither static nor set but will change and develop as the mass consciousness of the world changes. It here to assist humanity to change their vibrational rate quickly and easily so that both mankind and the earth may ascend to their higher purpose. It is taught in four separate levels. There are no prerequisites although it may assist one to have           achieved the first two levels of Reiki. Seichim has the ability to penetrate into all areas including mind, body and spirit.

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Creating Heaven on Earth

We are just an intention away from creating Heaven on Earth. We are just an intention away from fulfilling whatever it is we desire.

  • What is Heaven on Earth?
  • How do we create our deepest desires?
  • How do we move away from our deepest fears?
  • How do we discover life’s purpose and path?
  • How do we bring Joy, Peace and Abundance into our lives?
  • How do we discover that we are not alone in this journey that
    we call life?