What’s the expression, “About the time you figure things out, along comes God.”  Well that is exactly what happened to me.

I received a telephone call for a remote depossession for a man’s son.  I was told that the “client” was very ill, had a great deal of pain and had turned away from the family’s faith as a young man and that he was very angry.  The request was that he be cleared of the dark energies and a healing be done.  At this point in time, it seemed like a standard request.

I set up a time to work, called in Archangel Michael and the clearing of all of the dark energies was accomplished.  Then I called in the Healing Angels of Archangel Raphael to do a healing on the client.  As my practice has shifted to include more healing, I called in my Healing Team and set intentions for this man.  One of my intentions was that the client be restored all the way to his I AM presence.

I received a telephone call from the family letting me know that the work had helped.  He seemed lighter and happier and even his pain was alleviated to some extent.  Wonderful, we like to get this kind of feedback.

Several days later, the family called again.  It seems that the dark energies had returned and would we do additional work on the client.  Again, set the time, called in the Archangels to clear and heal and called in my Healing Team and set additional intents.  The next day I received a telephone call advising me that the client was much better and had asked his mother to pray with him.  The client announced at this time that he now wished to live.

Days later, the family called to let me know that the client had developed new health issues, was in a great deal of pain and now wished to transition.  Would I help?  The family felt the client’s transition was just days away.  Absolutely, but I had to meditate on how to assist the client.

First, I called in Archangel Michael to be sure the client was clear of any negative energies.  Then I asked the Healing Angels of Archangel Raphael to do a healing.  I asked Archangel Michael to send his Warrior Angels to surround and protect the client.  I called on my Healing Team and began to set my intentions for the client.  The first intention is that the client be restored to the Divine Being and that all family issues be resolved.  My intention is that the client would be surrounded with and remembered with unconditional love.  My intention was that any and all issues/karma that could be resolved prior to transition would be accomplished.  My intention was that he would transition with grace and ease.  I then began including the client when I meditated morning and night, reinforcing these intentions.  Three days later, I received an e-mail letting me know the client had transitioned peacefully.

So, our work is growing and expanding in unforeseen ways.  The key is being open to the changes and the possibilities, because as I keep on finding out, this too I (we) volunteered for.