When doing a session with a hypnotherapy client, I usually start the session with the client’s list of goals.  The intention is to complete the list before the session is complete.  Sometimes or should I say many times, there is an interference with the client in the form of an attachment.  Relieving the client of the attachment then allows the client not only to complete the session and achieve the goals but also to move on with their life.

So when I started the session, I have a list of the goals and that is to be our journey.  But, not all is what it seems.  The attachment, be it dark/negative energies or a lost earthbound spirit, has been and is now interfering with the client.  So our session, which started off to be hypnotherapy, is now combined with spirit releasement.  Once relieved of the attachment, the session proceeds and the client’s goals are achieved.

That’s one scenario where a session may have some surprises.  I have run into something new with my depossession work that I would like to share.  A request was received to do a remote depossession session.  After it was completed, I reported via email to the client.  Several weeks later the client contacted me again requesting another session but asking that the session be done face-to-face via Skype.  We met on the internet at the agreed date and time.  I went through my normal procedure to scan/view anything that was with the client that was inappropriate.  The clearing by Archangel Michael was completed and then a healing by the Healing Angels of Archangel Raphael was done.

The client then reported to me that something wasn’t right.  There was still something with her.  Now we get into “not all is what it seems.”  At that point, my intuition suggested that this was not an attachment but a past-life issue.  I proceeded to do a hypnotherapy induction.  The client went directly to the issue that was from her past-life.  Voilá, the client now reported that all was well and that she felt totally clear and free of any attachment or issue.

To me, the above says that we must be open and receptive to any and all ways to assist our clients.

1 thought on “NOT ALL IS WHAT IT SEEMS

  1. Yes. I have learned to initially state that whatever healing the person requires (at the time of each session) be given. This gets the mind of the client & myself out of the way. Then I listen to Spirit. 🙂

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