Remote Healing Virginia Beach

Recently, I attended a conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  We were a group of Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (folks who combine mind, body and spirit in each session).

First and foremost, it was wonderful to reconnect with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.  Living in Arizona, I miss the water, especially the salt water.  I also enjoyed connecting and reconnecting with so many wonderful like minds.

There are two things I would like to share with you, one is funny and one is poignant.

First the funny.  One thought I had when I left Arizona for Virginia Beach was that no matter what the temperature, I was going to go for a swim in the ocean.  The day after I arrived was bright and sunny and fairly warm.  Okay Ocean, here I come.  I got ready and went to the beach.  I was only able to stick my feet in the water.  The water was so cold.  I attempted to get my body more into the water but 57° was just too much.  Oh well.  I will sit on the beach for a bit and watch for the Dolphins.  I lasted about 10 minutes.  The wind was blowing so hard that I was pelted with sand.  So much for the wind, surf and sand!  And, no Dolphins.

Now for the more serious occasion.  While at the conference, I was asked to assist a colleague who was experience some serious health issues.  I went to my room (oceanfront) and sat at a small table.  I placed a note pad on the table to take notes.  I then called in my “Healing Team” and my colleague’s “Healing Team.”  My eyes were closed.  I began to set intentions to assist in the healing and restoration process of my colleague.  I heard “open your eyes.”  When I opened my eyes, I looked out at the water.  There in front of my hotel was an entire pod of Dolphins that had come to assist my colleague.  I continued with the healing until it was time to close the session.  I looked up again and the Dolphins were gone.

Interesting how the Dolphins appeared at the perfect moment.  In my daily meditations, I say “my intent, just for today, is to be in the moment, be in the now and just be.”  The trip was wonderful, and I look forward to the next time.  I do hope the water is a little bit warmer.

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